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8.(0-1) Sex! Sex! Sex!/Notebooks & Intro

Notebooks 8 is everything you want about sex: reproduction, gynecology, birthing, raising and caring for children. Click on what interests you to read now.
8.(0-1) Sex! Sex! Sex!/Notebooks & Intro
  • 8.2 Erection and Orgasm. Detect it in a Woman
  • 8.3 Incest - A Re-evaluation
  • 8.4 Enhance Orgasm
  • 8.5 Sexuality and Hormones - Trans-sex and Transv...
  • 8.6 Improve Erection; Increase Sperm & Semen
  • 8.7 Masturbation: Safest, Best, Lowest Cost Sex
  • 8.(8-10) More Sex! Petting/Oral/Coitus
  • 8.11 Gay!: To Be or Not?
  • 8.13 Sex and An Aging Male - This 80 y/o Doc
  • 8.14 Sex With Animals - Cats&Dogs, a Seal, on the...
  • 8.15 A Sexual Summing Up
  • 8.(16-18) Sex Disease: Syph,Gono, NSU,Herpes,Wart...
  • 8.19 Stop HIV/AIDS
  • Advice to Female Sex Workers
  • 8.20 Gynecology Self Exam
  • 8.(21-22) Vaginitis/Endometriosis/PID/Ovarian Tum...
  • 8.23 Menopausal HRT: To Do or not To Do?
  • 8.24 Male "Menopause" - Hormone Replacement?
  • 8.(25-26) Gynecologic Surgery and Uterine/Vaginal...
  • 8.27 Cloning Explained Exactly/Pregnancy Preventi...
  • 8.28 To Get Pregnant or Not/Artificial Insem./IVF...
  • 8.29 Ovulation Prediction & Detection -Be Superwo...
  • 8.30 How To Get a Baby Despite Infertility & Have...
  • 8.31 Avoid Pregnancy/Get a Good Lovelife
  • 8.32 Pregnancy Loss by Mis/Ectopic/Hydatid Mole
  • 8.33 Menstrual Extraction/Abortion
  • 8.34 Good Pregnancy
  • 8.35 Birthing the Best Baby
  • 8.36 Conceiving a Boy or Girl? Choice?
  • 8.37 Bringing Up Baby/Child Raising
  • 8.38 Child Medical care/Pediatric Self Help

  • 1. Introduction to Sexuality -Update 25 December 2018

    Sexuality is an area of ignorance, misinformation, intolerance, prejudice and wrongness; and no one is free of these. But enough data now exist to approach it with understanding.

    Sexuality here is presented from a range of personal experiences: First from the 86-year-old Bronx, NY-bred author and now Tokyo-expatriate physician; 2nd, from a medical knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology; 3rd, from an experience as gynecologist and obstetrician; and 4th, from the sexology literature and studies of lifetime sexual histories; 5th from the latest gender genetic and epigenetic affects of prenatal brain patterning and the special role of the activated x-chromosome in determining gender and finally, from a deep consideration as educated, cultured and sophisticated dweller in our civilization. And kept up to date by a mind that is free and flexible and not affected by trendiness or political correctness but also not rigid in an "old, good days were better" attitude.
      Sexual practice is approached by its disease-causing, bad health factor. It strives to admire a sexuality that gives joyful health and long-life with mind intact till the end; and to the extent that the actual practice blocks those ends it is not advised. But the various sexual practices are approached by giving information on how to make each sexual practice as safe as possible, whether or not here advised. Sex is interesting so it is a good guess that you are in for a good read in this following Notebooks 8.
    To continue reading next now, click 8.2 Erection & Orgasm,Viagra,Detect Female Orgasm...

    Also, at leisure for the neurology of sexuality, click 9.(38-40) Hypothalamus -Body Clock,Glands, Sexual...

    The Other Physician’s Notebooks
    1. The Opener
    2. Nutrition & Chemistry
    3. Testing the Systems
    4. Infections & Symptoms; Treatments & Remedies
    5. Skin to Bones; Surface & Structure
    6. Heart, Lungs, Blood Circulation and Longevity
    7. Gastrointestinal & Genitourinary
    9. Brain & Mind; Psychology & Behavior: Cry for Happy in an Anxious Age
    10. Healthy Longevity, Cancer, Death
    11. Unpopular Essays
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