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8.33 Menstrual Extraction/Abortion

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33. Menstrual Extraction/Early Induced Abortion - Update 09 Aug. 2017
Menstrual Extraction (ME) is a vaginal insertion into the uterine cavity of diameter size 3, 4 or 5 millimeter (mm) flexible plastic hollow tube (Karman cannula), 10-12 cm (4-5 inches) length. attached to a 50-ml hand-held suction syringe (but other type source of suction may be used) for the purpose of extracting a menstruation and it may terminate a very early pregnancy (up to 6 weeks from onset of Last Menstrual Period). Note that the technically descriptive name for the procedure is endometrial suction and the names it has gone by, "mentrual extraction", "endometrial suction biopsy", "miniabortion", "minisuction", "very early suction abortion" come from the purpose for which it is used.

Rough sketch of the tip of a Karman cannula used for menstrual extraction. The outer width, or diameter, 5 mm is actual size here. These cannula are produced as plastic tubes, cut to length, the tips sealed and rounded by heat and the curette, or reverse scrape-cutting shape of the tip, made manually by razor cut. These have been available commercially as menstrual extraction kits and, although no longer being produced, may be available through me, (Dr Stim).
The hand-held 50 ml suction syringe, shown in diagram with a Karman cannula attached as for doing an ME. The syringe can produce a vacuum by pulling back the plunger until it locks. Then the vacuum can be activated for ME by swivel or pinch valve release. This is part of the US Patent 4187849 accepted 2/12/1980 for Dr Edward M. Stim, the inventor.

   The procedure nay remove pre-menstrual or early mentrual lining for purposes of shortening menstruation or biopsy, or in early pregnancy it terminates the pregnancy simply, safely, quickly (takes less than 5 minutes in experienced hands) and tolerably in terms of pain (varies from almost no pain to severe menstrual cramp pain but is brief). Practically, it could have taken the current abortion problem out of clinic, hospital, doctor’s office, and even out of professional hands. If the knowledge were spread and the cannula and instrument been made available, the induced abortion would not have become the social and legal problem it is today in USA. I cannot emphasize how important this statement is nowadays when legal abortions in USA. are getting more and more difficult due to fanatic opposition by about one half of the population. I am that rare practitioner with actual experience in doing and training to do menstrual extractions and I can testify that, if the Karmen cannula menstrual extraction abortion had been adopted in the 1970s; today, the early abortion (to 6 weeks) could be done very privately in small offices, homes and even out on the prairie and there would be no stopping it as we see today. But the chance was lost in USA.
   Now here is practical information for the woman wishing to use ME to bring down a period. The Basal Body Temperature (BBT) daily record will suggest the possibility of pregnancy at an early day after a missed menstruation. For a woman educated by Physician’s Notebooks, the body feelings plus BBT can self diagnose pregnancy within days after the missed menstruation.
   Menstrual extraction if it turns out to be an early induced abortion has a small failure rate. In that case it needs follow-up pregnancy test after 1 week. If test positive, a pelvic ultra sound scan should be done to rule out tubal pregnancy; and, if that is ruled out, a repeat ME may be done to terminate the pregnancy.
   Once pregnancy is 5 to 6 weeks LMP (from first day of last menstrual period) an induced abortion is still not difficult if one has the instruments and knowledge.
   End Note: Once decided, a woman should not delay. The induced abortion should be in her mind from first instant she is aware she may be pregnant (first missed day).
   In 2000, the US FDA approved the abortion pill RU 486 mifepristone - 600 mg tab before 6 weeks induces abortion in 85% but about 20% of these cases still need suction curretage operation to complete. Check Internet:
   For accurate fictional description of an ME being done, click 11.20 Astounding Abortion  and then 12.(56-59) Ali Plots a Pregnancy .
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