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4.7 The Remedies

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7. Remedies - Update 2 December 2018

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Aspirin (daily-use spin-off remedy)
Back Pain
Band Aid
Constipation, Expelling a Hard to Expel Stool
Erection Problem?
Passing Gas
Fissures in Callus, Soles of Feet, Heel
Headache from Fibromyalgia
Masturbation for Pain, Sleep, or to Reverse Bad Decision
Neck Tenderness - Back of Neck
Pain and Affect of Heat
Pain and Affect of Cold and Elevation
Pain Under nail from Trauma - White-hot Paper Clip Remedy
Peeing - Can't Pee Problem
Ring Stuck on Finger after Long Jet Flight
Skin Tumor Loop Amputation
Suicide Attempt Prevent
Tofranil to Relieve Pain, Improve Orgasm, Help Sleep, and Make Your Perfect Day
Vision Problem from forgetting far vision eyeglasses; get Opticard
Weight Loss /Anorexia- Pill to Gain Weight/Appetite

Aspirin (daily-use spin-off remedy)
Aspirin has several good effects: At doses that range from as low as 30mg/day and up it disables the blood platelets (thrombocytes) resulting in a slight decrease in the attraction of the blood cells for the artery walls and lower speed of clotting of blood. This is being used as a preventive of the gradual blocking of the arteries that causes coronary and cerebral artery damage leading to heart failure, stroke and senile dementia. And note it does not have to be daily aspirin, every other day is OK. And further note, the large dosage range allowing a flexibility of usage. But it has a potential side effect of causing hemorrhage in at-risk persons - those taking Coumadin (Warfarin) and other anticoagulants, those with diverticulosis. And aspirin is quite good in higher doses (325 to 500 mg per day) against the pains of inflammation, muscle aches and traumatic injuries. 
       I was an example of multiple use of aspirin. In my old age I had developed a very bad lumbo-sacral vetrebra collapse that badly irritated my lumbar spinal roots plus a severe osteoarthritis of hip joint, and, as a result of the legs pain plus osteoarthritis of my left hip at times I almost could not walk. The only thing that was saving my life was my daily 325 mg aspirin. (But happily, last year, since my hip joint replacement surgery, I no longer depend on aspirin to walk.)

Back Pain: A few years ago, I had the experience of having to lie flat on my back on a firm hospital bed mattress all day for 7 days with the only break from it, sitting up to eat or going to toilet. And my low-back pain that had afflicted me for years disappeared albeit temporarily. This is a useful observation for sufferers of back pain. Of course you cannot live life flat on your back; however, I am treating my bad back by the remedy of hourly reposes. The nature of my office work allows me to do this and accomplish my work, and it has prevented a worsening of my back problems.

Band Aid - An Unappreciated Cure for Cuts and Minor Skin Irritations: Simply pasting a fresh, sterile band aid over your cut finger or skin irritated by scratch or bug bite or too much bed or minor burn will save you days of irritating inflammation caused by the constant rubbing of the lesion by the unclean environment. When doing it be sure to briefly clean the lesion with an alcohol rub and be sure it is completely covered by the sterile band aid white part. You may leave it on for days and let it come off in the bath or shower. 

Constipation, Hard to Expel Stool:  If you must get rid of a stuck stool within reach of index finger, use the lubricated finger to dislodge, break-up and remove the stool. Fingering in rectum for removal of feces stool is harmless and works. No one should strain at stool too hard or too long; it risks blowing blood vessel in brain or making inguinal hernia. Also be sure, after you succeed in passing stool, to completely empty your rectum. Not infrequently a constipated person passes pieces of feces and too quickly gets up and leaves. If, after passing first stool, you push deep down in belly just on your left above pubis bone, some more feces just behind the initial piece often may come down and easily be pushed or fingered out. Or drink a glass or 2 of water at once. The filling of stomach excites an immediate rectal expulsion reflex and the stool that would not come down is easily got out. Another way is to walk up and down a few minutes then sit down hard on the toilet seat and press deeply into left lower belly just above pubis. Then the stool higher up may be jarred downward and the rectum may be stimulated to more easily push it out, or the stool may be got within reach of your finger to get it out. The jarring effect works surprisingly well if the stool is just above the reach of your finger. Just raising one's buttocks and coming down hard on the toilet seat may work wonders.

Erection Problem?  If you are an old man, try Folic Acid 10 mg and vitamin B12 (methycobal) 500 micrograms (You want to do at least 2 weeks of these vitamins before seeing an effect; and, shortly before you plan to perform sex, a red meat meal (hamburgers or steak rare; liver very good). And take nightly hot bath, which also helps erections. Another food that is pro erection is any curry dish. And, in the 24 hours before the sex, avoid alcohol, anti-depression pill, the beta blocker pill, ACE-Inhibitor or Blocker pill, and tranquillizer and calcium channel blocker pills. (No harm missing one day's set of the pills you might take for your high Blood Pressure) And keep in mind that testosterone and erection-power in the 24-hour day is at peak max 3 AM to 8 AM and minimal in late afternoon and early evening.       
   If you are age 70 or more, and finally get a young woman to lie down and spread her thighs, do it at the right time of day to give more erection play. Keep in mind you only need one good erection for the less than 30 minutes you plan to have your sex fun in.    An A.M. Erection in an 81-year-old using the above remedy. This man had suffered from old age erection failure. At 75 his blood serum Testosterone (TE) was 180 ng/dL and he had complete failure to get penile erection. In 2011 he started taking folic acid 10 mg and vitamin B12, 500 microgram. Also he took daily hot baths for 2 days prior to the photo and had a strong red meat supper the night before this selfie photo at 5 AM. His serum TE from blood sample that morning was 780 ng/dL, which would be normal for a man twenty years younger than the subject.

Passing Gas: Smelly gas is due to a food. Oyster is worst offender, followed closely by French-style sauce and Chinese foods. Avoidance of offending food is remedy. Passing gas is good for relieving pressure in lower colon and should not be suppressed but, of course, keep it quiet and smell-less.

Fissures in Callus, Soles of Feet, Heel are due to inborn tendency for thickened keratin skin cell layers from excess proliferation plus heavy walking. Oldsters are afflicted and the problem (Sore heels) is the fissures that come and go in the callus giving sore feet. Remedy is footwear not too snug nor too loose. I favor cloth shoes you buy at the cheap stores. Then minimally irritating socks – thin white cotton, or better yet no socks at all and non irritating footwear inner surfaces. Whenever possible, air the feet bare. Warmth speeds bacterial or fungal infestation which worsens the condition. When a painful fissure occurs, clean with alcohol and cover the fissure with band-aid and change the band-aid after each hot bath. With chronic multiple fissures, do a 1-week of daily antibiotic/corticosteroid (I use 0.12% beta methasone with gentamycin) ointment over area of foot callus after a pleasantly hot bath and then Saran wrap over the ointment on your feet for up to one hour. The corticosteroid is anti-proliferative and anti-inflammation. I tried this and it works, giving weeks to months remissions and then it can be repeated or just done at intervals when the fissures act up. If it started with athlete's foot or if your dermatologist detects fungus in the callus scrapings, also do a one month course of Lamisil (Terbinafine) 250 mg a day to eradicate all fungus.

Headache from Fibromyalgia: A fibromyalgia headache should be obvious because it is part of scalp tenderness over the headache and does not pulse or throb as migraines do and tension headaches may. It can make you feel bad but goes away with just an acetaminophen or other NSAID or aspirin. And arrange your pillow and head so as to take pressure off the tender area of scalp. Almost immediately you will feel better and after an hour and sleep you will be cured until the next time.

Itching is relieved by ice application. Cold shower is ideal for temporary relief of bad body itch and can be easily repeated. In rare case, bad body itching may be sign of lymphoma and don’t forget body lice if you have unbearable itching under hair of scalp or pubis, or maybe scabie(s) if around the penis or in crevices between fingers. Itching from bedbugs (they also live in old sofas) is distinctive in that you will not see the bugs but will see their bright red bite spots on your skin, usually calves and inner thighs or exposed areas when you sleep.
   Be aware that the skin is hypersensitive to touch and warmth, so that rough inner clothe or too much clothing or bed sheet covering worsens the itching. Thus, going naked at home (If temperature and circumstance right; but not if you have bedbugs) and allowing only smoothest, least chemically contaminated cloth (No soap in washing machine) to touch skin are part of itch remedy.
   For itch just above ankles, or around waist belt-line or neck, or breasts bra line in woman, suspect hypersensitivity to plastic or rubber stretch bands like on socks or pantie hose. For wide swathes of body itch, suspect too much washing machine soap irritation.
   For localized itch, like between toes in athlete’s foot or itchy spot on your upper back, an immediate relief can be gotten by rubbing in fluocinolone acetonide 0.025% ointment (Synalar in U.S., Flucort in Japan or 0.12% beta methasone ointment). I never go anywhere without my tube. Recurrent, severe athletes feet should be treated with one month of Lamisil by mouth 250 mgm a day after microscopic confirmation by dermatologist skin scraping.

Masturbation for Pain, Sleep, or to Reverse Bad Decision: Many persons masturbate for pleasure but it makes at least 3 remedies. First, the orgasm will make acute pain disappear briefly. Very good for the bad aches of the osteoarthritis of my hip that keep me from sleeping in bed, but try it for any pain. (Except severe headaches that may be vascular emergencies and stomach aches that may be surgical) Also you will find that masturbating to orgasm will reverse a night time insomnia and allow you to go to sleep. Finally, and maybe most important, at least for a man, masturbating to orgasm will completely change a bad decision related to sexual relations. Next time you get a kinky desire to do sexually something self harming, you should masturbate and note how it makes for a complete change of mind. It is temporary but can be very useful for a man.

Neck Tenderness – Back of neck: It may be a one-side ache (Press or poke, it feels sore) located in one of the large muscle bands that insert or originate in rear base of skull. This pain is episodic and may last several hours. It is made worse on movement or pressure on back of neck by hard pillow. It is remedied by taking 600 mg acetaminophen and allowing it to dissolve under tongue and relaxing. After 15 minutes the soreness is better and after 30 minutes it is going gone and does not return until next episode weeks or months apart. Do not forget comfortable soft pillow with good positioning for head (Head should be in slight brow upwards extension on neck).

Pain and Affect of Heat: Pleasant warmth soothes some muscle and bony ache. (But you must experiment because some muscle pains are made worse by hot bath)  Hot shower partly relieves back and neck pain; lightens asthma attack or laryngospasm croup (In last two conditions, end the hot shower with an ice cold shower). Also if you have temperature control, a warmed room will do wonders to relieve pains and make general endorphin pleasure effect. Also hot bath induces easy urination for those who have trouble urinating. And sleep comes easy after it.

Pain and Affect of Cold & Elevation: Heat is bad in acute pain from swelling of very recent injury or infection or inflammation, eg, acute sprained ankle and twisted knee; or pain from crush injury, or big toe swelling of gout. When there is throbbing and redness, heat worsens it. Treatment is elevation of affected part, above heart if possible, and application of ice or freezing water in towel or rubber container for up to hour.
  Ice is good local anesthetic, stops itching and relieves acute pain.  

Pain under Nail from Trauma – Red-Hot Paper Clip Remedy: Throbbing pain occurs after sudden trauma to tip of finger or toe. If you have gas range or a cigarette lighter or a match to make a flame and a metal paper clip or a size 18 or thicker needle at hand, you may create instant relief: Place injured fingernail or toenail up, on flat rigid table surface under good light. Unravel one end of clip, or use the needle. Put the metal tip into the flame. When the tip is red hot, remove from flame and in same motion press the hot tip firmly down into fingernail or toenail at its black and blue center, so the tip melts its way through the nail. (You will know it by sudden give of pressure and spurt of blood) This maneuver relieves pressure of blood beneath the nail and the pain will disappear within minutes. Key to success is doing it with severe, throbbing pain and discolored nail (partly discolored nail OK too) and completely puncturing nail over center of the black blood discoloration. (Note: recently I stubbed my left big toe against a door; within minutes it was agonizing pain; I did the remedy and - Eureka! - it worked and the agony was released, within a minute the sore pain was going-gone and after 10 minutes it was not even sore)

Peeing - Can't Pee Problem like a man who suddenly can't pee due to prostate or a woman can't pee due to multiple sclerosis. Quick relief can be got by sitting in hot bath and putting fist pressure on low abdomen over pubis. The fist pressure alone sitting on toilet seat may work to empty bladder and give you more time to get home or to the emergency. If you can get and learn to insert a urethral rubber catheter, carry a size 12 or 14 with you on long trips and use to empty bladder if no other way.

Ring Stuck on Finger after long jet flight: Prevent by removing ring before flying. When you forget and get a stuck ring on finger, sit for an hour with the arm that has the stuck ring elevated comfortably above head and then rub lubricant oil on finger and pull off ring with twisting. If stuck ring cannot be removed by the above, lie down, keeping the affected finger on pillows above level of heart, and go to sleep; and you should be able to slip ring off next morning.

Skin Tumor Loop Amputation for removal of plum-like lump attached to skin by thin stalk. Could be external hemorrhoid hanging off anus or papilloma skin growth of middle-aged elderly person. Grab the plum like lesion (between fingers or on tweezers) and pull it out and throw loop of thread around base and tie it tight, using 3 ties of the knot. Tight is important because if not tight, the blood supply continues and no good result. You should note initial swelling of lesion over a day; then it will shrink and fall off, but may take up to 3 weeks. In worst case, loop will not succeed because not tight and you repeat. A friend may be needed for difficult positions and to assist otherwise.

Suicide Attempt Prevent May be headed off by an injection of morphine or other opioid or oral OxyContin or Talwin or Codeine 60 mg and dissolve in mouth for quick absorption (Will taste bitter). The opioid effect takes 5 minutes to begin and lasts 1 hour. No one will start suicide while feeling good. This is a remedy for the impulsive, irrational suicide. Immediately follow it by short-term psycho-analysis (See Notebooks 9, Chapter 35) to determine the reason why the try.

Tofranil to Relieve Pain, Improve Orgasm, Help Sleep, and Make a Your Perfect Day: Tofranil is the commercial name for the generic Imipramine, a tricyclic medication used against depression. Used as a 25 mg single pill dose swallowed on an empty stomach. (No food previous 6 or more hours so best on wake up from night's sleep; also do not leave it to absorb in mouth because it causes unpleasant numbness of tongue) It has remarkable good effects starting within the hour of swallowing and in the following 12 hours. It raises the threshold for body pains (It may not make a pain disappear but it will make it more bearable). It improves the pleasure of orgasm. It improves the day's mood so that I experience the perfect day. And it assists falling asleep. Side effects are rare. But if you operate large machines or drive and have other reason for being drowsy (lack of sleep, medication), Tofranil could cause bad accident from falling asleep at the wheel or the controls. For men with prostate problem it might cause hesitancy on urination. For this remedy's best effects it should be limited to use not more than once each week. I have used it much and found it a truly wondrous remedy.

Vision Problem from forgetting far vision eyeglasses and unable to make out a wall sign. Make a pinhole size 2 to 3 mm diameter hole with pencil or pen in a name card or other firm paper and using one eye, and covering the other, look through the pinhole and you will have 20/20 vision in that eye and instantly read the sign that was a blur before. (Alternatively just make the smallest circle you can by curling up thumb and 2nd finger and use best eye and you will find you have eagle vision in that eye).  Or buy an Opticard (Google it) which has a magnifier  with press light rectangle for reading and built-in ideal size pinhole for one-eye vision. Also if you find a blurred vision just after waking up from sleep, it is probably from too dry cornea of the eye and will instantly be relieved by simple eye drops or if not available simply washing the face and eyes with water.

Weight Loss /Anorexia- Pill to Gain Weight/Appetite
Take Periactin a.k.a. cyproheptadine 4 mg pill: start 1 a day in morning on awakening and can go up to 3 a day divided dose, if one pill is not not enough. Usually gives 5 kg weight gain in 1 month.

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