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8.14 Sex With Animals - Cats&Dogs, a Seal, on the Farm

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14. Sex with the Animals (If we could talk with them, why not … with them?)  Update 30 December 2018

I tried some at age 11 more out of curiosity than desire. My pal had a part Irish terrier, a horny mutt always trying to mount anything it could get its front paws around. One evening the terrier started humping my leg. To get him off, I masturbated him. He liked it and later that dog dogged me for more whenever I was in that house. It was a one-sided love affair, a queer romance.
   The sexologist, Kinsey, found that most animal lovers are out on the farm. A smaller number are, as I was, city kids who play with cats and dogs. Girls may get the animals to lick clitoris; it’s not hard to train them. I once lusted after a beautiful woman who would not give me a tumble; she had it hot and heavy for her cocker spaniel. At times I toyed with the idea of shooting that damn dog and taking over its licking trough.
   There’s been no report of anyone, except perhaps the animal being harmed by human/animal sex but I should guess that animal lovers (the other kind) would cry out against it, and, what with our present HIV-AIDS, I can see their point. If I were a dog or cat and knew what I know about humans, I should never let one touch me. Still, I think the greatest love song, ever, was the one recited by actor Rex Harrison to Sophie in the 1967 movie Dr. Dolittle that ended “What a pity you’re a seal.” But don’t get me wrong; I love humans. Now put in your earphones and click Dr Dolittle 1967 Film Soundtrack "When I Look In ... - YouTube
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