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1.11 Ideas that Work/Invention/No Longer Needed/New Systems

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⑪New Ideas that Work  Update 17 Feb. 2019
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The Good Life - Work
Spaghetti/Pasta, A New Way to Make; the Ideal Snack
The Ideal Bodywear
Prompting One's Newly Learned Good Habits and Routines
flexibility of mind
Perfecting Special Skill 
Use Individual Eco Power to Empower a Good Idea
Recognizing the Person Bearing You a Gift
"Encountering", a technique to aggressively change one's life
Postal Works: and Other Paper Savings
Walk for Health
Drink Pure Water Instead of Container Coffee, Tea, Juice, Soups
Reading Book Repeatedly with Pleasure and for Wisdom
Similarly, viewing free internet movie
Or a relaxing set of songs to help sleeplessness
 A Buying Book Policy That Works 
Buying Policy for Old Age:
Battery Checker and Charger
Use of Stored Heat in Boiled Water
About Conservation of Resources
Communist Eating
Fractioning Food
Replacement Not Necessary
Braun Electric Shaver: Good Use of
Common possessions made obsolete by comprehensive products
Pinhole Replacement for No eyeglasses
Broken Field Run
Written Wisdoms that Work for Me
Live Close to Your Work
Broken Field Run (Not being creature of habit)
Comparison pricin
House Pests
Visor Cap is a Works
Getting Stuff Done
Use of Alcohol for Cleaning Hands & Body Openings
Protect our Planet
Tub Baths
Communication where Persistence is Needed; Postcard Persistence
Creative Delay in the Face of Bad News
Chinese Fortune Cookie Wisdom - a Collection

The Good Life - Works: Looking back over years, I identify certain activities, behaviors, acquisitions as successful in giving good health, money, or aspects of The Good Life. The word I use for them is "Works". Some Works are trivial, some give important knowledge, and others involve time and money but all withstood the test of time in helping self or improving society harmlessly. Handing on Works to the future is not only to recommend; it is to show how to think about doing things that give happiness, health, and a better living also for our children and their descendants.
To Prompt is talking to yourself (In low voice if in the presence of others) and to tell yourself to act safely or do something you ought to do.
Spaghetti/Pasta, A New Way to Make; the Ideal Snack: Spaghetti, or more generally pasta, is the best food for it. Easy to cook, countable by piece, tasty, nutritious in its mix of protein and carbohydrate enriched with vitamins and minerals in the U.S.A. Here is the system I developed and used these last several years. For my snack I count out 50, 1.7 mm spaghetti pieces, break them in 1/3rds, and boil briefly at 500 W microwave in pyrex pot or dish. I allow the boiled pasta to steep for several minutes, pour out most of the water and then either eat it solely or use a bit of tasty sauce or sometimes a piece of meat.  It makes a satisfying lunch or breakfast and will head off going to restaurants or 7/11 when you get hungry.  I do not have every snack that way, usually breakfast or lunch.

The Ideal Bodywear - All clothing should be lightweight with attention, however, to the weather or room temperature. Also, if possible, snaps are better than buttons because of ease and speed. (But buttons are easier to sew back on)
Start with the lounging shirt. Shirts should have full sleeves to the wrist both for protection and against too cool air-conditioning in summer. And the sleeve's buttons or snaps at the wrists should not be so tight that the wearer cannot slip his hands through when buttoned or fastened. Best is a no-button, no snap wrist band. They also should have two chest pockets and do not need side-shoulder pen/pencil pockets. A dark color is best against staining and use. The best material is a sort of plastic vinyl like silk that preserves silk's lightweight and ventilation at a lower price. The shirt should come down to near mid-thigh so that it is covering the area of excretions in order to protect the outer pants against staining especially in the old person. Also if there is not already a snap or button bringing together the lower inner corners of the shirt one should sew it on for the protection against staining from the toilet. Collars are a good idea and they do not need button-downs which are generally a waste of time. But the material of the shirt should be such that the collar does not get stiff with washing and drying. Once all these qualities are satisfied, a lower price is better. 

 Prompting One's Newly Learned Good Habits and Routines Often a newly learned good habit or routine is intermittently forgotten or overlooked. But making a good habit to prompt the good behavior, each time you are about to behave in a good way or to lapse into a bad way will prevent the lapse. For example, whenever you are about to move on a decision or just about completed one, the whispering to one's self (or in one's mind) Go slow, or the catchy rhyming, Slow motion is a good notion, will keep one remembering your good choice. Note here the importance of flexibility whereby no decision is immutable until its final carrying out. Say you start out to the store with the idea of buying a McDonald's Hamburger? It should never be fixed in your mind that you must buy; and, always, right up to the last minute you should have the thought Maybe I'll change my mind and make a different decision, like buy a Hotdog?  The example here is for food but could be enlarged for every decision process. It is part of Slow motion is a good notion, to which is added And changing the motion might be a better notion.

Perfecting Special Skill  Strive to be best in a thing that is or will be useful as near future unrolls. Examples: touch typing, or otherwise becoming a computer guru (Expert troubleshooter).

Use Individual Eco Power to Empower a Good Idea
 Money you spend or put in a bank may be used against you or for other bad reason. As civil rights activists in Alabama U.S.A. showed in the 1950's Birmingham boycott, an individual’s economic choice can be powerful. If the government or a company or an individual does something bad to you, you may harm it by not doing business with it. As my foul-mouth Bronx Italian friend Nicola used to say, “If someone is out to screw me badly, I’ll at least make him pay for the Vaseline.”  So, if it seems reasonable, then make a person, an organization, or the government that does you wrong, pay for his or its act and inform him or it why. 
PS: Just quoting from the famous brothers, Paul & Percival Goodman, mid-page 68 of the 1960 edition of Communitas, "... the most powerful influence ... people exercise ... is the economic choice to buy or not to buy ... or to be employed" (or not). Brilliant minds think alike, I guess? 
Recognizing the Person Bearing You a Gift  Be alert for the one who tries to enter your life offering something good! Each of us should be critical (eg, Beware of Greeks bearing gifts), but, at times, a gem may try to enter into one’s life. Keep looking for that.
  Example: Jules was 14 years old, brilliant in mechanics and science and lived across the street and recognized something kindred in the little kid I was. I recall us sitting in my living room and he trying to teach me, a kid of 6, to build a crystal radio from pieces he brought to my house. I also recall my mom watching like a hawk because she thought Jules’ interest in me was abnormal. (Nothing wrong with a mom watching protectively but much good that she allowed Jules to teach me)
   I know it is a risk. Maybe you will end up missing, maybe you will sometimes need to bear insults, but, also, maybe you’ll connect and your life will be better for it. 

"Encountering", a technique to aggressively change one's life: "encountering" is where you actively look for a person or a set up that can make your future better or where you can reveal something about yourself to someone you already know to start a new train of development in a relationship. For example, in 1996 I visited a big hotel in Tokyo one night and, in an elevator alone together, a woman solicited her sex. Initially, I declined the offer but after leaving the elevator, I thought it over and decided she looked and talked in a way that might make a positive future in my life. So I went back to the floor stop where she had stationed herself and found her and accepted her offer not so much for the instant gratification of the encounter but for the future gratification of my social life. Now in 2019, my life is enriched because of that single "encountering". (In reverse, one should not forget that people may enter your life and ruin it. The point is to give these choices some considerations and don't just brush past people you meet who want to encounter you).

Postal Works: and Other Paper Savings:  Re-use padded envelope. And recycle postal stamps that miss getting hand stamped. It gives me a good feeling of not squandering Earth’s precious trees and also saves money. (For some countries it is difficult, but the principle is correct) So be alert to saving paper. A personal example is my efficient use of paper tissue. Instead of blowing nose once and throwing away the tissue, I keep the partly used tissue on my desk and fill it with my nose blowing. Yes! I know! One can only do that privately. But if everyone did, think how much paper could be saved and how many fewer trees killed to serve overpopulation of greedy, wasteful humans!

Walk for Health  My idea is to unite walking with functional life. So I gave up car and I walk miles when no need to hurry. It works to help keep good health at age 86 with my weight 60 kg for BMI 18.

Drink Pure Water Instead of Container Coffee, Tea, Juice, Soups  If you use tap water, since you can't be sure of its Pb-lead and other toxic metal contents, (cf. the present high lead Pb water crisis in Flint, Michigan USA) collect it after running the tap 15 to 30 seconds and then arrange a system whereby the collected water gets filtered before drinking. Since 2003 all my water intake has come from my workplace office purified water. I fill one-liter jars with the water and I gulp it empty each day. And I don’t at all miss drinking canned, bottled or boxed beverage but do miss, happily, the metal and other chemical poisonings, the excess sugar and the excess calories, and the excess sodium that comes in the can, bottle, and box. Works!
   Especially coffee and tea that so many drink daily over a 80+ year life and that can fill you with poisons from the can's metal or from the can's additives and that you use too much money on. Recently I discovered the addiction to these drinks is not completely the caffeine or other herbals but the hot water. Next time you desire a hot drink with your snack, whether it be coffee, tea or soup, and none is available, try substituting tolerably hot purified water from your office machine. You'll live longer, healthier, richer (From not running out to buy a coffee from the machine). Works!

Reading Book Repeatedly with Pleasure and for Wisdom 
 I suggest a specific book that works for you, and, when you find one, you should recognize it by the pleasure and learning it gives. In HG Wells’ The Outline of History, I had a superb wordsmith and storyteller, a useful subject, and an unbeatable motivation – to predict future for my benefit by studying the past. Another book: Richard E. Leakey’s Making of Mankind, 1981, I got for 25 cents at used store; now on 4th read of great subject, and the author a Leakey, world-beater in his field. Another: Viscount Books History of Art, 1985 is a nearly 1000-oversize-page tome that by now I have read 6 times. Bought with the idea I wanted a good tome to learn about pictorial and sculpture art, and Works. The Grolier's Book of Knowledge 1963 set I got on eBay for $22 (It's not obsolete; they wrote them much better in those days) More recently I got a free gift subscription to Access Medicine which allows me to read medical tomes online and which I do with my eating. It has infused my days with interest and learning. A recent addition is Communitas by the brothers Paul and Percival Goodman which has very stimulating ideas about community planning and the book is available on in its 3 editions. 1947 edition has some extra, interesting stuff, but the 1960/1990 editions are simply softcover copies of the Goodmans latest editing. 

Similarly, viewing free internet movie, the below movies are all hyperlinked so by clicking you should be able to watch the movie at your leisure. These are just personal examples and you may choose your own.
Copacabana (1947) Carmen Miranda & Groucho ... - YouTube
(The wit of Groucho Marx has never been better shown)
PYGMALION (1938) - Full Movie - Captioned - YouTube
(Great British play-writer GB Shaw's favorite movie of his works)
or Sun Valley Serenade - YouTube
(The Great Glenn Miller and band in the Golden Years)

Miss London Ltd. (1943) - Free Classic Comedy ... - YouTube

(Totally witty and entertaining despite the 1943 locale)

Zombies on Broadway - YouTube  (Mid 1940s Hollywood camp)

Alfred Hitchcock | Young and Innocent (1937) [FULL] - YouTube

(A best Hitchcock) 

KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR - YouTube (A fascinating, historically interesting drama of two people escaping the chaos of 1917 revolutionary Russia from the novel by James Hilton the author of Lost Horizon. The technical quality of viewing is poor, but the content is so good that a viewer should not mind that the first 20 mins require concentrated watching and listening.)

Or a relaxing set of songs to help sleeplessness:  Astrud Gilberto - Jazz 'Round Midnight (1996) [full length ...

All of the above - the books, the movies, the music, and song - may, with appropriate time intervals, be viewed again and again, in many cases through one's lifetime, and are a source of what I call hedonic intervals, the time periods that added up to make moment-to-moment life happy. They may also be fonts of learning as one peels away layer by layer of superficial enjoyment and gets to the core of wisdom.

  A Buying Book Policy That Works  I buy a limited number new book, relying on for specially desired out of prints, on the 48-cent to $3 used book stalls, on East 12th St around corner from Broadway, the Strand Books, Manhattan NYC; and also on the free or very cheap used books from public library, and also I read free internet books. 

Buying Policy for Old Age  After age 65 (and why not before?), acquire nothing new unless true (need) and get rid of old thing as it wears out or loses your need. In my final scene, I see me at death, lying in the center of a bare room in last, only set of clothes. Is that minimalism? Yeah! One cannot follow it totally, but when I see a thing that gives me urge to buy, I think – Hey, I am 86 – and it stops me buying impulsively. Works!

Battery Checker and Charger  An all-size battery checker for deciding when to throw out or to keep used battery and the charger is convenience and saving.

Use of Stored Heat in Boiled Water  Instead of cooking rice by boiling for 20 or more minutes, bring it to a rapid boil then turn off the heating and allow to cook to edibility by residual heat alone. With pasta, instead of usual 15 minutes or so of boiling, bring to a rapid boil then give it several minutes of steeping. The smaller the spaghetti diameter, the less heat and shorter time needed. I cook fifty 1.7 mm spaghetti cylinders in 360-ml or so Pyrex pot one third filled with hot water for 3 minutes at 500 W to boil in microwave then brief sharp stirring and, after, steeping for 5 minutes. In boiling a potato, do small, cut-up pieces to allow the heat to be more effective. A side benefit is once you turn off heat, you can free up attention to do other things, like reading, which you can’t if you have to constantly watch and worry when to turn off heat. With hot drink, it is not necessary to bring it to boil, just heat it till it’s tolerably hot for drinking. Works in preserving our energy sources and water supply! 

About Conservation of Resources: while we're discussing saving things, here is a general statement about how to conserve products or materials at home. 
   Saving water by not always flushing your toilet: Of course, this is a sensitive issue, but if you are living alone or even temporarily staying in a room for a while, you save a lot of water with a policy of flushing every other day or, as I have done, flushing once a week. 
   Saving paper, again if you either live alone or frequently by yourself, you should not quickly discard a tissue just because you used it once. Any kind of paper that you use at home can be often multiply used or re-used. In general a policy of re-use of materials as much as possible is good for conservation. Just think if everyone in the world did it like this, we would have no problem about global warming or about the depletion of resources. So do not just think about it; do it. And teach others.

Communist Eating A restaurant food order is often too much; it makes you overeat, or wastefully leave it partly uneaten on the plate or doggy-bagging it and over-eating. So what I do, if I'm in an agreeable restaurant and with an agreeable eating partner, is to split the serving by dividing it each on a separate plate, or by having each one partner eat from the opposite end of the plate. With a banana split, if it’s your girlfriend or boyfriend, you each start at each end and finish in a kiss.
  Fractioning is another works to reduce eats and expense. It means dividing your usual serving in half or more. Many foods that you would normally eat whole you simply cut in half and those you normally eat as multiple (4 pancakes, 2 toasts, etc.) you halve, and the rest you visually estimate before splitting. Works triply: 1) to prevent too many calories intake, 2) to multiply and prolong the pleasure of good eating, and 3) to get more pleasure out of money. For take-outs, it is easy to use scissors to cut in half or in quarters, or to alternate bites by the spoonful, and increase eating enjoyment time while reducing calories and cost of each eating
   I can easily get coffee or tea free at work. And any beverage can be easily split between partners if shop people do not mind. A cup of usual-brewed coffee diluted by water can power two drinkers easily, and wine or other alcohol may be diluted to half by water without much loss of taste but with much saving in good health and prolonged life. In the rare times, I buy a coffee drink, I get a 150-ml bottle of coffee most consumers drink at once, but I split it into thirds and dilute each 50:50 with water. I get a good caffeine charge at 1/3rd price. Works!

Gifts (Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company, the lyric Getting Married Today: “… Thank you for the 27 dinner plates and 37 butter knives and 47 paperweights and 57 candleholders …”)
   Gifts borne by one (“Beware of Greeks …”) are too often junky canned foods that add to aluminum poisoning, too much cake and candy that kill from diabetes or obesity, or other stuff the receiver does not need. If you must bear a gift, try to figure out what someone needs. And keep it healthy! If food, fresh fruit; if drink, pure water. Or how about an inexpensive set of art prints you know will appeal to your recipient? From the gifts I received in my life here are a few Works for healthy and happy Me: As a kid, from Dad, a Chemistry Set that started me as scientist; The Book of Knowledge and The World Almanac and Stamp Album with starter collection also from my Dad that started my ambition to be a doctor and a collector; and the gift sub to The National Geographic from a pal that delighted my reading sensibility and gave me knowledge in anthropology and has been a better alternative to travel.
   Here from Sergeant Lou about a gift that changed his life: When I was bar mitzvah’d my parents bought me a used typewriter, which I really loved. They also bought me a manual on touch typing....Because of my typing abilities, I was able to get into administrative duties in the army and got out of the machine-gun section.”
   Back to me: A set of bookmarks inscribed with great works of art and a magnifier with inset 10X, which has proven ideal for reading as my eye vision deteriorated. There are more but this gives the idea.

Replacement Not Necessary is about common products that when you run out of you normally replace but can substitute. Next time you run out of a coffee filter, try hand tissue in the funnel. Or replacing a band-aid on your foot-cut, try a couple of tissues over antiseptic alcohol wipe covered by a sock. Try using tap water instead of toothpaste and substitute a toothbrush pressing its individual bristles to function as a safer alternative to toothpick or floss. And for shaving cream, substitute soap-bar suds. And do not mindlessly throw away disposable razor shaver. Before I got my Braun electric shaver (And see the below), I re-used disposables and got hundreds of close shaves, but you need to brush away hairs under razor blade after each stroke. And while on hair cutting, how about dispensing with the inconvenience and expense of a barber or beauty salon in favor of cutting your own? It works for me ten years now and makes me richer and happier. (But a barber may sometime be necessary and also each person may have a different idea) And even more surprising, next time you are out of coffee or tea, instead of running to the pay-for-drink machine downstairs, try just using hot purified water from the free office machine. You'll be surprised how it satisfies the same desire.

Braun Electric Shaver: Good Use of  I am using a Braun CoolTec CT 6cc and getting very good shaves. Here is instruction for best use based on experience: First, do not use on a man more frequently than every other day. (I'm 86 and no family to chide me so I shave every 3 or 4 days) A single shave is good for 48 hours and within that time the shaver has no long-enough re-growing hair lengths to work on. Then, recharge after each battery use and clean and sterilize in the supplied self-cleaner being sure to change your sterilizing fluid cartridge when the red light on the stand not just goes red but starts flashing. Remember, the shaver can be used communist style (shared shaves with others) because of its quick self sterilization.
   In shaving, use a light touch pressure and go over face twice, alternating the direction of hand holding the base. Then in areas that tend to have soft, loose skin (front of neck, under lip and lip corners) use the shaver's longhair, clipper-on, tight-on-skin shave. Then do a final face-go-over. I find it all takes 10 minutes. And be sure you read and follow written instructions for use, cleaning and replacement parts and fluid.
   Common possessions made obsolete by comprehensive products: The mobile phone has made unnecessary a separate wristwatch alarm-ring, electronic calculator, flashlight, camera, a landline telephone at home and reduced the need for home email. The Laptop has made the desk computer less necessary and replaced the home clock, telephone, TV-watching and movie-going, and paper book. And Google has made unnecessary the reference books and electronic calculators; and has reduced my need as a writer for literary agents, for new readers of my works, for thecommercial publisher and for vanity publishing.

Broken Field Run is the habit of not always doing the same thing the same way each time. For example, one morning, instead of eating your usual breakfast, you drink a liter of water or one noontime you do not have your usual lunch with the office crew. (And see the below Flitcraft Parable)

The Flitcraft Fragment from  Dashiel Hammett's "The Maltese Falcon"

The Flitcraft Parable

                   The life he knew was a clear orderly sane responsible affair. Now a falling beam had shown him that, fundamentally, life was none of these things. He, the good citizen-husband-father, could be wiped out between the office and restaurant by the accident of a falling heavy beam. He knew that men die at haphazard due to such accident and live only because blind chance spared them. It was not primarily the injustice that disturbed him, he accepted that after the first shock. What disturbed him was the discovery that in sensibly ordering his affairs he had gotten out of step, and not into step with life.

  Written Wisdom that Works for Me

"To achieve expert performance in all areas, ... a prolonged period of focused attention ... is required."  The 2014 10th ed., Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology.

“The balance between the technological and the natural is particularly important. One of the worst attitudes will trash technology in favor of ‘Nature’ and will avoid accurate, specific knowledge in favor of the vagueness epitomized by the word ‘holism’. Do not become a Luddite, a person who hates technology. Combine good technology with the best of Nature.”
Physician's Notebooks, which may be accessed on the Internet by clicking From

Goals (J. Michener in his 1976 Centennial): “Those committed to some goal achieve more than those reluctant to associate self with anything.”

Grieving: Those who grieve loudest are usually guiltiest. (Unknown)

History: “The history of Past is a record of the way the human animal has come but is not a guide for the way he may be going.” Robert Moore William’s The Cave Where I am Hiding, Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1951.

Success ala Chet Baker the famous musician of the 1950s and 60s: Find out what you like best and then learn to do it better than anyone else. (Rx for the happy life Chet missed)

William James: (The scientist-philosopher of late 19th century) “When one turns to the magnificent edifice of the physical sciences, and sees how it was reared; what thousands of disinterested moral lives of men (and, James should have added, "women") lie buried in its mere foundations; what patience and postponement, what choking down of preference, what submission to the icy laws of outer fact are wrought into its very stones and mortar; how absolutely impersonal it stands in its vast augustness – then how besotted and contemptible seems every little sentimentalist who comes blowing his voluntary smoke wreaths, and pretending to decide things from out of his private dream.” (The Will to Believe)

John Dewey on Beliefs: “…any movement that thinks and acts in terms of an ‘ism becomes so involved in reaction against other ‘isms that it is unwittingly controlled by them. For it then forms its own principles by reaction against them instead of by a comprehensive, constructive survey of actual needs, problems, and possibilities.” (From his Preface to Experience and Education (1938)

Famous 20th Century American Cardiologist Paul Dudley White from his 1931 edition of Heart Disease: "... the situation is appalling and demands some action .... the most effective move ... we can make is to call a halt to the world's mad rush ... ." 

End Notes 
Live Close to Your Work (Ideally within a 15-minute walk): In my last 10 years this advice has given me success, happiness and good health: 1) Saves money on travel; 2) Saves your energy by avoiding long rides; 3) Reduces your accident potential; and 4) Gives you a flexibility of behavior, eg, if you forget to take something from your office at quitting time, you can easily walk back to get it, (or walk home to have lunch with your wife or husband) and same in reverse, and you can go home briefly anytime during work hours.
   Paul & Percival Goodman's Communitas makes this an attribute of their ideal community. (Housing projects with workplace attached) 

Comparison pricing Compare prices before buying.

House Pests My experience is with cockroaches and rodents in old Bronx flats. Both come through cracks or holes in floor wainscoting. In the case of rodents – mice or rats – the holes are made by the animals and they come from nesting behind the walls or pipes up from the basement or other apartment rooms. Usually, these rodent holes are hidden behind kitchen fixtures or furniture. In closing them, plaster alone is not enough because it is easy for the rodent to bite through the plaster. Use Brillo in the plastering. It prevents the animals’ gnawing. Also, rats, which are twice the size of mice, need larger snap-shut spring traps 5” by 6” (inch). Best bait is a slice of American or Swiss cheese and be sure to tie or fix it to the spring release platform. 
   Cockroaches thrive because of unclean kitchens. They especially multiply under old newspapers, clothing and inside unused washing machines or boxes. A small variety of cockroach lives in the refrigerator, nesting behind the rubber edging of the fridge door. The kitchen is the main focus – a good regular (weekly) cleaning with the removal of all nesting places, an insect repellent spraying, and daily cleaning and wiping down of all surfaces will work wonders. Cockroaches can never be completely disappeared but can be reduced by 99%. Refrigerator cockroaches are easy to disappear. Empty the fridge and clean it and especially scrub clean behind the rubber edging of the door. Rodents can be disappeared once you block their holes and trap and kill those inside your rooms.
(I just heard that in Tokyo where cockroaches are not common, some older apartments are afflicted with bats, how to get rid of bats is beyond me.)
Visor Cap is a Works: Besides blocking irritating, dangerous UV rays from forehead, cheek, nose, eye, where sunlight causes and worsens cataracts and skin cancer, a visor reduces forehead-banging that during a life adds up to early Alzheimer's. I also find that by adjusting the cap over face to block light it speeds and improves sleep in a lighted room; useful for late shift desk worker. A long (8 cm max front), thick and stiff visor is best. 

Getting Stuff Done You Are Not in the Mood To Do But Need or Want to Do  At times you just do not feel like doing a thing you really need to do. For example, recently I started stamp collecting again and needed to work on an old album re-positioning the stamps. But I often feel inertia against doing it. So I just leave the stuff I need to do but don't feel like doing - Here the stamps openly on the desk next to me - so it is always in view and hence forced daily to top my attention. And inevitably there comes a moment I have nothing better to do and there is that thing I should do in front of my face so I end up doing it and get benefits galore. Works!

Use of Alcohol for Cleaning Hands & Body Openings is a recent innovation, promoted by good health authorities in Japan, that works to reduce all infections. I have taken to using alcohol wipes to clean my anus after passing feces. Not only is it aesthetic; it reduces oral-fecal transmission and in the long run will reduce anal cancer. If you do not have alcohol, use pleasantly hot water wipes.

 Protect our Planet In our overpopulated, over-utilizing resources and over warming world, we want to cultivate behavior that conserves resources. Many of the works I suggest are about that. Turn off lights and other electricity when not in use, use your mechanical energy rather than electric; do not use personal cars for self only, absolutely do not use motorcycles or mopeds. And know how to practice good birth control and do not oppose abortions for those who want them; and for you and partner, have only wanted babies you are prepared to care for. (But if you find yourself pregnant in an unplanned way, do not necessarily end it for that reason. It may be your only chance to replenish the Earth with your DNA; or you may give it for adoption to a couple that wants it and can raise it well) Work at using Works for a better Earth for all humans, animals and inanimate objects.
   With room air-conditioning cooler/heater at home, have an edge in favor of not using it unnecessarily to heat or cool a room for one or two persons. In Tokyo in summer, I do without room cooling very well although my company installed one for me. (In Japan the government advises setting summer cooling to 28 C, and during the winter 22-23 C) In coldest winter, if you must use heating, use sparingly and efficiently.

 Tub Baths is behavior I do not promote because it does not protect our planet but I find it useful for an old person like myself at night to relieve achy pains in various parts of my body and to assist difficult urination. Ideal bath temperature should be 42 to 43 degrees C (c.108 to 110 F) and water loss and energy waste should be kept to a minimum by keeping the water level just enough to cover a sitting body. A hot tub bath may be reused during a night. In my old age now it is a positive addition but should not be made into a nightly addiction; it is just one more tool of happy living.

Compensation is what one ought to do when one does not do what one ought to have done. For example, I was delaying my very late night snack to 1 AM and forgetfully ate a small piece of candy at 12:15 AM so I compensated by delaying the delay to 2 AM. Or making a rule to cut-up a piece of cake that someone gives me. In other words, always reversing some indiscretion. This can go as far as my noticing I was becoming too outspoken, and so, ahead of the outspokenness, suppressing or even excessively reversing it and being under spoken in the particular case. And on and on, and so on and so forth.

Communication where Persistence is Needed; Postcard Persistence: Say you try to communicate or make a request of an important person? The fact that you are not succeeding because you don't get any reply should not lead to a too easy acceptance of the no reply to mean that the person you are trying to communicate with either does not wish to reply or is no longer receiving messages. He may just be taking his time. On several occasions, I sent important requests, to persons I had not been in contact with for years or to well-known persons who did not know me and who often ignore such requests, and, initially, I received no reply. Had I not persisted with a 2nd or even 3rd request, which got answered, I would have lost important life-enhancing connections. If it is important to you, keep making the request with good manners after appropriate intervals. You may just hit the right moment when your request receives sympathetic acceptance. Further, here, I found that sending the requests on colorful or eye-catching postcards got results where email or fax or normal postal letter had failed. So if all else fails, try a colorful postcard! Persistence can also be extended to simple telephone calling. In my job, I have to make many request calls and find often that a called telephone number giving a ring signal that goes unanswered after many rings will be answered by just waiting a few minutes and trying again, and again. Just tonight I called an important overseas number and got a rather prolonged silence (going on longer than 30 seconds). Putting my connection on hold while I typed an email comment, I was pleasantly surprised when the party answered after a full minute of silence. I am not saying you sho, by all means, wait a full minute.

Creative Delay in the Face of Bad News  What I mean is: Say you get a letter in the mail that you would have preferred not to receive? eg, a notice from the IRS saying they want to audit your tax return or a letter from someone who is looking for you for a long time to do bad stuff. As long as it is a normal postal letter (not registered or special delivery), a good idea is to keep the letter but make like you never received it, ie, semi-ignore it. If it's really important, it will be re-sent and eventually by registered mail that might be a month, 2 months or 6 months in the future and who knows what might happen to you or the world by that time? Intelligent delay in such circumstances should not harm you and occasionally might help you because the party trying to give you the bad news may just assume that you may no longer be at the address or perhaps even have a change of mind or maybe got sick or died. At the worst, you'll delay bad stuff for another day and that is no harm. Above all try not to let it weigh on your mind and I mean by that usually by simply looking on the outside of such letters you can know that it is up to no good without opening it. By opening it and reading the letter it will just make you worry more. So what you do is try to file and make like you forget the letter. And if it's important, you'll be reminded at a later date. 

Chinese Fortune Cookie Wisdom - a Collection  Small strips of paper when you break the cookie, it has an aphorism or observation about you, a series of 6 "lucky #" and a "Learn Chinese" English word or phrase with Chinese pronunciation and character.  The lucky #s have been claimed (actual experiment quoted on Internet) to win money on the Powerball Lottery compared to randomly chosen numbers in the experiment.  In the below, the "Wisdomes" are
listed alphabetically (The front articles "a" and "the" are not used to alphabetize) and an * before a "Wisdom" means it came from purchases at Lucky China in Henderson NV in the period Jan. - Feb. 2019 compared to all the others, which came from Ming's Chinese Takeout in north central Bronx NY in 2015.  The cookies price in both cases was 10 for $1. Noted that in the Ming's group there are no duplicates while in the Lucky China group there were 3, noted by (Dup.) after the entry.

All happiness is in the mind.
Learn Chinese: Apple (hana over hei or “ping” and ta over kana or
Lucky # 10, 11, 25, 33, 34, 39)

 A bold attempt is half of success.
(Roast duck kâo like Jap fire and old kanji Yaki, and yā, Jap stick up box
and tori kanji)
 Lucky 32, 1, 19, 53, 13, 22.

*At 20 years of age the will reigns, at 30 the wit, at 40 the judgments.
18, 39, 11, 23, 1, 35
Dialogue, dai-hua

Careful thinking will command respect. 
Lucky 10, 21, 25, 30, 40, 45
Urgent (kyu or “ji” over jitsu or“shi”)

Courtesy is one of the best peacemakers.

8, 15, 22, 34, 42, 44
Father (chichi or “iu” and tatsu over roku or

The current year will bring you much happiness. 
(Lucky number was missing) 
Apple (top hana over spread out Big with under cross, or “ping” and Ta over Moku, Japanese “ka”, or in Chinese Mandarin “guo(u). 

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is: that extra.
47, 9, 18, 48, 32, 17. 
 Gooseberry – mi hao tao.

*Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.
19, 18, 45, 67, 12, 5.
Elder brother: Ge-ge

*Don't let unexplained situations "throw" you.
03, 25, 27, 31, 34, 45.
Child: er

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. 
42, 21, 4, 29, 5, 2. 
Curry chicken: ka (left box ka ro) ii (left box and top left enclosure of ri) jii (left
and under mata then almost s esp. top w over-dot and no inside top).

*Excellent day for dusting. Start with a few old dreams.
16, 22, 50, 48, 37,12.
Singing: chang

Good clothes open many doors. Go shopping.

2, 23, 24, 43, 44, 45.
Bean sprout (line over box over ha over lineor “dou” and hana over kiba or “ya”).

*Good things are coming to you in due course of time.
4, 19, 20, 43, 69, 2.
Flour: mian.

*Great thoughts come from the heart.
7, 19, 22, 54, 16, 30.
Apple: ping-guo

Greet the world every morning with curiosity and hope.
18, 27, 29, 31, 42, 6.
To cough (box on left and on right top above, mu continued below and hito below to right or “kou” and box on upper left, simple Tokyo in mid and tsugi on right or “sou”).

*Find release from your care, have a good time.
1, 34, 40, 29, 32, 21.
Head: tou (Same kanji as in Japanese)

Hope is the most precious treasure to a person.
10, 45, 20, 21, 26, 35.
Wine jiŭ (Jap. shi and west w. line thru the rectangle or shuu)

*If you can shape it in your mind, you can find it in your life.
55, 42, 31, 46, 8, 2.
Mr. (Title): Xian-sheng (Same as Jap. Sensei)

It is now, and in this world, that we must live.
25, 19, 55, 26, 27, 29.
Tomorrow: ming, (Jap. mei, and tiān, Jap. ten or heaven)

*Keep your feet on the ground even though friends flatter you.
5, 18, 26, 10, 32, 45.
Raining: xia-yu (Jap. shita, or under, and ame, or rain kanji).

Leaders are like eagles, they don’t flock … you find them one at a time. 
13, 50, 26, 42, 18, 36.
Egg roll: chūn (3 horizontals w a hachi {Jap. fot 8} thru it and a niche nicely fitted in the lower limbs of the hachi) and juăn (2 horizontals with a runner that looks like kaji [Jap. fire] thru it and a wrapper nicely nestled in its lower limbs).

Let your intentions create your methods and not the other way around. 
50, 14, 31, 53, 26, 11.
Chinese: TV: dià (Jap. den and ame or rain top and den with right foot curve below) and shi {113 on left} and miru).

42, 28, 54, 33, 24, 17.
Autumn or fall: qiū (Jap. 115 and aki or fire and tiān, Jap. heaven, or ten).

A master can act without doing anything, teach without a word.
49, 32, 28, 38, 7, 43.
Cherry – it uses same as cherry tree, ying táo.

A merry heart does good like a medicine.
55, 39, 7, 17, 5, 49.
Dish - cai (like the kanji with a top hana and below a
coming, or kuru).

Of all crafts, to be an honest man is the master craft.
 35, (Lost material)

Old age is always 20 years older than you are.

1, 19, 25, 26, 27, 30)
Cherry tree: (on left 2 hito in top open head box with female below on right or “ying” and tree on left with hi the negative on right or “táo”).

The only thing worse than being talked about is not getting talked about.
12, 11, 3042, 10, 33.

Peach: tâo (a left moku and left reverse C w 2 horizontals out of its concave and right down straight line vertical with 2 horizontals to right).

*Someone who deserves your special attention awaits your magic voice.
54, 8, 61, 18, 19, 23.
Television: dian-shi (in Jap., denki viewing)

* (Dup.) Stop searching forever. Happiness is sitting next to you.
4, 20, 13, 10, 46, 52.
Six: liu (Jap. roku kanji).

Pardon is the choicest flower of victory.
1, 18, 19, 21, 35, 31. 

People always know what they are saying, just never listen.
4, 40, 31, 11, 28.4.
Husband: Zhang l(ike na w slash in body and fu like Jap fu). 

Restrain yourself from intruding into other’s businesses.
4, 6, 18, 21, 23, 40).
Market: (ichi or “shi” and soil with slanted bottom on left and fu kata on right
obliquely over 3 corner or “chang”) thing.

The shortest distance between two people is a smile.
42, 8, 35, 18, 13, 15.
Chicken:  (a mata with bird kanji on left, ji, and the niku kanji, rou).

A smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight.
37, 50, 30, 33, 53, 52.
Beverage drink: yin (double kabovea  and mu and jin below, like Jap. Nomu, and liao like Japanese ryo – a bei and cross with the NE double strokes).

*Someone who deserves special attention awaits your magic voice.
54, 8, 61, 18, 19, 23.
Television: dian-shi (denki vision).

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. 
7, 36, 51, 27, 23, 6.
To see a doctor: kan (upper number 3 with no stroke thru it and lower meh and bing (hospital ji).

Take time to relax especially when you don’t have time for it. 
27, 35, 26, 14, 29, 52.
Pear (fruit kanji or ii and child ko kanji or zi).

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. 
16, 50, 34, 33, 4, 46.
Roast duck: kaou (the fire kanji on left and something like
aging on right, a do with no slash thru it above and right pointing swiggle
below and yaa the kanji for field ta with inside vertical extended and on
right the kanji for fowl).

There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going. 
54, 13, 26, 39, 5, 32.
Chicken: ji (the chicken kanji) rou (the niku kanji).

The thing one fears most is fear. 
8, 42, 11, 12, 32, 29.
Headache: – tou (big w 2 strikes NE) tong (sick enclosure w winter inside).

*Time is precious, but truth is mote precious than time.
18, 34, 46, 11, 33, 17.
Here: zhei-li

* (Dup.) The time is right to make new friends.
19, 4, 10, 8, 6, 28.
Bank: yin-hang (Jap. ginko).

Treasure your good memories and you need not worry about ending a banquette. 
8, 45, 51, 8, 41, 53
Chicken (Note this was previously done in "There are no shortcuts ...): ji, (a mata before bird and ròu, in Jap. niku).

Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life.
September: Chin (Jap. 9, or kyu). and jiuu (jap month or getsu, or in Chinese yueh).

Try not to stand on your own side during an argument. 
3, 7, 17, 27, 37, 41).
Store: (Jap. tatsu superimposed on open over box within which is mu box or Chinese “shang” and the usual ya or top and left curved line within which is 10 atop box or
“dian” two).

The hardest things to handle in life are failure and success.
44, 41, 49, 43, 39, 33.
July: written same as Jap. shichigatsu and pronounced qi yue).

Want to learn how to love, start with the one you hate.
37, 5, 38, 3, 19, 41.
Quench one’s thirst: jie-kei, the jiĕ or kanji combi left horn or kaku
and right element top katana and bottom the nen or year element and
second (kĕ) or kanji left shortened mizu then on right niche top over nani
what enclosure with a person on horizontal line, so (jiĕ-kĕ) – gimmee a

When both feet are planted firmly, nothing can shake you. 
6, 21, 28, 31, 40, 41. 

When the moment comes, take the first one from the right. 
18, 19, 40, 7, 15, 27.
Day after tomorrow: hòu (Jap rear with iku on left and reverse on right and (tiān) or Jap ten,

When working towards the solution to a problem, it always helps if you know the answer. 
18, 19 ,40, 7, 15, 27.
Bus gong: qi-che (Jap. koh or pukblic) gong (Jap.yo of communist) qi (Jap steam) chē (jap vehicle). 

The will to do, the soul to dare is yours for the taking if you prepare. 
55, 4, 46, 10, 49, 15.
Strawberry: cao (top hana below hayai) mei (top hana below poison or no over mama).

*You are a bundle of energy, always on the go.
02, 11, 16, 25, 40, 44.
Up: shang (Jap ue kanji)

*(Dup.) You are next in line for promotion in your firm.
01, 13, 18, 29, 33, 47.
Dog: gou (Jap. kanji for dog, or inu)

*You are sociable and entertaining.
1, 8, 24, 20, 49, 32.
Merely: zhi (looks like a Z with dot on upper horizontal).

You can see through people or, you can see people through.

1, 43, 18, 16, 17, 27.
Zodiac tiger: hŭ (Jap. tiger, a top and left no with kana to top and inside a
nana 7 over walking feet).

*You have a keen sense of humor and love a good time.
2, 15, 19, 24, 35, 39.
Busy: mang (Jap. busy).

*You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first.
1, 2, 3, 35, 8, 23.
To wear: chuan (Jap. roku, or 6, over 2 top horizontals w. a vertical down  stroke crossed and a Jap. kana no in left lower corner).

*You have an unusually magnetic personality.
06, 11, 15, 24, 31, 36.
By means of: yi (Jap. upside down pickax on left and Jap. hito with left upper quad. dot on right).

You seek to shield
those you love. Chinese: Pork: (zhū) Jap dog and on left sha or persons
and (ròu) Jap niku. Lucky 36, 35, 31, 55, 23, 4. You will be called upon to
help a friend in trouble. (Lucky 7, 14, 22, 27, 32, 45) and No word. You
will become a great philanthropist in your later years. Chinese: Zodiac
monkey (hóu) dog on left, kana ii in mid, and on right kata yu over arrow.
Lucky 52, 32, 48, 20, 42
You(r) (sic) adventure could lead to happiness. Chinese: Toy (wán) and
left ledge with under moto and (joo) or jap kagu kanji. Lucky 1, 43, 18,
16, 17, 27
Your future will be happy and productive. (Chinese: Zodiac RABBIT ku
atop rectangle and radical 10 w dot inside curled front foot and rear leg
goes thru center of the rectangle, sound tù) Lucky 19, 26, 6, 45, 42, 36.

Your (sic) maintain a sense of balance in the midst of great success. (Lucky
1, 2, 5, 30, 40, 45) and No word. Your present plans are going to succeed.
(Lucky 16, 17, 26, 27, 36, 37) Reporter (on left upper brief downstroke
over z on right reverse 5 or “ji” and the usual sha or “zhe”) Your skills
and talents will be called on in unusual areas. Learn Chinese: Disease,
looks like the byo kanji, a boxed man man in a sick place, “bing”. Lucky
55, 39, 7, 17, 5, 49.Access
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