Thursday, September 23, 2010

2.6a Introduction to the Science Section

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2.6a: Update 15 Feb. 2019

In 1959, Charles P. Snow, a British science writer made a lecture, titled The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution, in which he noted the gap in our society between the science-educated minority and the general public and leaders. He pointed out the danger of this growing gap, especially in the democracies, where societal decisions depend on science-educated citizens. And if this gap is not remedied, Snow said, the danger of having a majority of citizens ignorant in science deciding our future would grow year by year. In fact it has. A particular example is our failure to take effective actions to act on the global climate change that is now upon us.

The following Essential Science sections should give basics in science and, in addition to making a more informed better citizen, the reading will bring higher salaries, make a more valued person, and give more varied, interesting friends and even allow the reader to appreciate art better. Readers who also aspire to a science career will be helped by learning techniques learning important facts. So, at your leisure, pleasure and particular need, read on.

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