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8.11 Gay!: To Be or Not?

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11. Homosexuality - Update 29 December 2018.
   As medical scientist and writer I have been a dweller in differing cultures (USA and Japan; also past cultures through classic literature; and science-fiction future cultures by reading; also a changing culture towards homosexuality as we have had between 1950s and today) I wish to stimulate you to reach your own informed, culture-free, independent opinion by thinking and questioning beliefs and received opinions including your own. 

   Merely engaging in a (or even many) homosexual act(s) does not define a person as homosexual. In fact it is a difficult definition. I think we may call one homosexual, who, having a choice between hetero and homo mostly or only engages in homosexual acts. Such persons feel little or no lust towards the opposite sex.  
   Homosexuality divides between female type, the lesbians, and the male homosexuals who in the last 30 years prefer the term Gay(s). 
   Homosexualism, is a term I use to denote the philosophy or mystique of the homosexual life and the ideological or political movement.

It is important here to review homosexuality. My memory is from boyhood in the 1940s in the Bronx, New York.
In my first 20 years, I had 2 encounters: first, when I was 10, my friend, Jerry, made erotic advances to me while we sat together on a sofa. I was not attracted but neither was I turned off. I just indicated No and he stopped and I continued friendship with him. Later in our 20s, he, married and having had a child, told me that he and some other guys sucked each other off  (oral sex on penis) in car trysts and he offered to show me. I declined. Jerry today would be called bisexual.
   Secondlyas a 15-year-old I was picked by a middle-aged man cruising in his car, and, sitting in the front seat beside him, I became aware of his hand on my thigh and his asking if I ever got a hard on (penis erection). He was obviously queer and I asked out immediately and got away. But he had erotically stimulated me to get a penis erection, and I masturbated in the bushes. As for lesbianism, my girlfriend then age 14, Dolly, told me of being invited by her high school classmate to a movie and as they sat together, the girl tried to put her hands all over Dolly and get fingers between her thighs.
   From the adults of that time I never heard of homosexuality. In my teens I noted that homos were sometimes portrayed in books, plays or movies as pansies or fruits which meant effeminate funny guys. Lesbians were portrayed as tomboys.

I became aware of the Gay Movement in 1967 when I started listening to a radio station in NYC - WBAI Pacifica - which broadcast alternative viewpoints. They had a program by male homosexuals of the Mattachine Society and the lesbians by the Daughters of Bilitis. So I got more educated about homosexuals - how they were insulted, blackmailed and discriminated against - and I began to pay more attention to the homosexual struggle for equal treatment and understanding. This continued into the 1970s and then I watched the movement get radicalized by Gay Liberation which promoted homosexuality as an alternate, normal healthy sexual behavior.
   The lesbian movement was taken over by radical feminists, who saw in lesbianism a liberation from the sexual domination of men. I noted that gay liberation, increasingly into the late 1970s, was promoting gay bars and gay baths and it ignored good health advice. The high of that trend was 1976 to 1981. And then came the HIV-AIDS epidemic. For best details of the period and the homosexual movement then, read Randy Shilts (Who experienced it as a gay man) page-turning novel, And the Band Played On.

HIV-AIDS was - for me, a physician writing good-health advice - a watershed from which flowed my present opinion. For me, there is no doubt that HIV-AID's catastrophic spread came from the gay baths. (Commercial public bathing developed for male homosexuals to do rectal intercourse) It was the ideal spread point for HIV. And the epidemic was worsened because of a blood supply contaminated by HIV infected homosexual donations. (In the 1960s and 70s, it was policy for male homosexuals to make blood donations as a positive public relations) In big cities like NY and SF and LA much of the blood supply was from male homosexuals and by 1981 much of it had been infected with HIV.
   The promotion by male homosexuals of the gay bars that popularized alcohol drinking and other drugs and cigarettes showed me the gulf that had developed between the aim of Gay Liberation to promote homosexuality and my good health aim as physician and teacher.  
   Then came the 1990s and the homosexual push toward legalization of same-sex marriage. With gay marriage I began to hear a new argument in favor of accepting homosexuality. It is that homosexuals are born that way, and this evolved into homosexuals being like a 3rd sex, or like a separate race, and therefore entitled to legal rights as a race is. This has turned out to be a strong argument in favor of changing our social institutions to accept homosexuality. By telling people that homosexuality is innate at birth, it removes the perception that events in a person's life including some under his or her own control may lead to the person's becoming homosexual. The born that way argument, in my experience, acts to make youths who engage in a first homosexual act believe they are fated to be homosexual.
   The problem with this - and each reader must decide, not on received opinion but, based on one's own research - is that, in my well-educated opinion as a medical scientist, there is no basis for saying one is born heterosexual or born homosexual and there is much evidence starting with simple accurate observations from each of our lives that we are all born neutral in terms of each one's sexual orientation and that multiple environmental factors interacting with biological factors give us our sexual orientation and that this orientation has wide variations both among persons who do heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior. If that is correct, it destroys the legal argument in favor of accepting homosexuality as a biological norm.

Homosexuality impacts much on good health, as we see from the example of HIV-AIDS being significantly much higher in the homosexual community than among heterosexuals in controlled studies. Not only HIV-AIDS but all directly sexually transmitted disease and also higher risk for liver, lung and heart diseases and for cancer due to smoking, drinking and drugging, which the Gay lifestyle fosters. Then there is the question of how does each reader as a potential parent feel about raising her or his children?  Would you wish your child while the child is in your care to feel about himself or herself - "I am born gay and there is no way I can ever become heterosexual?"
  I hope my above discussion teaches each reader that homosexuality is a complex question that should not be answered emotionally by slogans like "Human rights demand gay marriage" but rather by self study and seminar. And above all, a young person should not be made by propaganda to believe that she or he is fated to be homosexual or heterosexual. Until we have conclusive proof of what makes a particular person's sexual orientation, it is safest to say that each person should strive to decide for himself what should be his or her sexual orientation separated from ideas like I am born gay or I knew I was gay before I was 18.

Now, the good health advice of the chapter.

A male homo does everything a same-gender hetero does, except for acts requiring a vagina and he substitutes a rectum there. A female does similarly, except where penis is required and she may use sculpted artificial penis strapped over clitoris to make artificial coitus mutually enjoyable.
   Anyone is capable of homosexual activity, and many of us have had at least one experience at some time in our lives. Presently, maybe ten percent in the USA seems to prefer it.
   Homosexuality in 2019 has become so politically correct that one cannot say anything critical about it without being severely criticized. Homophobic is the descriptive that includes anyone daring to criticize the homo life style. It is a way of saying “Don’t say bad!” and effectively ending any discussion. In discussing homosexuality I go by my experiences as physician and observer of the sexual scene for 70+ years.  
   Homosexuality although it may have genetic assist is, in my experienced opinion, also partly, i.e. in some but not all cases, a learned behavior, a conditioning, usually from childhood experience in a powerful behavioral pattern that is hard to change. Male homosexuality and lesbianism need to be dealt with, each, separately. This is a generalization and in the individual there is, obviously, the case where an inborn tendency is too powerful to attempt to change.
   Male homosexuality has many paths leading to it. The source of earliest orgasm is a strong determinant of sexual orientation. Children whose orgasms are homosexually induced before age 12 will more often grow up homosexual. (Based on several personally known cases) Typical history is a boy at or just past puberty invited for weekend by his male grammar school teacher and being brought to first orgasm by the teacher. Here, positive conditioning of ecstatic initial and early, often first, orgasm being associated with homosexual act is powerful re-enforcer and many homosexuals have been made this way. Another path to homosexuality is the unpopular kid who suddenly finds his ticket to ride when he starts giving his mates hand jobs (masturbates) and blow-jobs (oral sex on penis) at summer camp. Another path, less clear in its mechanism, seems to be the arts. Undoubtedly there are genetic tendencies that favor male or female homosexual development – brain patterning from before birth and a higher androgen output or higher numbers of androgen receptors on body cells causing a driven hyper-sexuality, which I think is obvious in many male homosexuals and explains the heavily promiscuous change-partner sexual relationships and gay baths behavior.
   Since the “gay” revolution, we cannot ignore the pro-homosexual social milieu that favors and sustains the behavior. Being “gay” today in 2019 is often a mystique; makes one a member of an exclusive club, someone special and different.
   In our present overpopulated world, the advantage of homosexuality as a non baby-making sexual orgasmic outlet also adds on.
   In the case of male homo sex, there seems little advantage to it from the sexual standpoint except for one who has hyper-sexual drive and needs quick, frequent multiple, varied orgasmic relief and is not satisfied with one’s own hand or the usual heterosexuality. Disease transmission is maximized with male homo sex due to the homo’s multiple partners, the baths-mentality lifestyle, the rectal sex and also to the high level of tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and cocaine taken in the “gay” lifestyle. So in my opinion, it is a given that parents and the society should strive to do as much as they can to direct boys and young men into heterosexual behavior with its more natural and healthy lifestyle. But this should be done without demonizing homosexuals. Undoubtedly there are men and women who have almost no choice but “gay” and lesbian.
   If you choose to be or if you find you cannot help being a male homosexual, your good health will require a relatively few life partners, a strong reliance on HIV test result before starting a new relationship, and a healthy other aspect of life that does not include the gay bar, heavy drinking, and any cigarette including Marijuana.
   I have little to write about lesbianism. It does not carry a high disease potential and it allows a woman an alternative to a man for sexual satisfaction without the personal and overpopulation burden of getting pregnant.
   Note, in Japan, homosexuality is referred to as gay (in the Shibuya and Setagaya wards, gay marriage has been legalized). Many homosexuals remain in the closet but, recently, as a result of gay liberation in the U.S., more and more, homosexuals are revealing themselves to friends. But it is not like coming out in the U.S.; it is simply telling a friend "I am gay."

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