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8.19a Advice to Female Sex Workers

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Advice to the Female Sex Worker from a Physician, a Sometime Client, and a Marriage Partner - Update 04 Jan. 2019
    I am writing to women whose clients are men.
   Why be a sex worker? Actually, marriage is a societal accepted form of prostitution. If you were part of an occupying army, you would understand.
Prostitution may be the staff of life for a woman, her family and children. I saw and experienced it in Japan in the early 1950's.
   Every defeated, occupied country shows the importance of prostitution for a woman, her country, our humanity, and Earth. So one reason to be a sex worker is in time of economic crisis because you serve a basic need and can support self, family and community from it. Other reason is enjoying the sex and, relating to that, being a mentor to less experienced persons. I met a woman who, though she was aware of the negative social aspect of being a prostitute, enjoyed a penis entering her vagina. She got easy orgasms and she was not nymphomanic and not a loose woman. As soon as she could, she got out of prostitution for marriage, and lived happily, producing children who became successful, productive persons.
   How to do it safely?

First question: Do you need to wait until you no longer are virgin before becoming a prostitute?
   No, but if you are virgin, you may sell your maidenhead for a high price.

Second question, Where to do the prostitution?   
   A good choice is the best hotels in a big city to get healthy, affluent men. But it could be your local area and the men could be young fellow friends or husbands of others.

First, do not be over-obvious by cosmetics or dress. It does not mean you cannot leave hints - a tasteful perfume; a short dress and free looks up your open thighs while sitting; and a pleasant, not over-obvious expression on face.
   What about the propositioning?
   Especially in this day in USA of loose, free sex, you need to make a potential client aware he must pay. But also be careful because it is usually against the law. So in the preliminaries you should make it clear you are "working your way" through something or other (college, etc.) or have a family tragedy that needs money. (Actually these may be the true reasons)  Payment request should not be just before the sex (accept if offered but always state you consider it a loan and not fee for service).
   How to protect yourself from Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD)?
   The best first barrier against STD is to discriminate against high risk clients: Safest is to limit clients to Caucasian or Japanese, reasonably well dressed men. No potential bisexuals (Look for effeminacy - bracelets, earrings, nose rings). In certain social situations teenagers may be good clients but only if you know where they come from.
   Concerning the sex acts, by far the most risky is penis-rectum. But if you wish to get into that (Make them pay triple for the pleasure), always require a lubricated condom that you put on the erect penis and also require that you control entry into rectum by hand-holding the penis and guiding it in. Those sex workers who are going to offer anal sex should read the section here in Notebooks 8.
   Penis-Vagina Sex without condom may be requested by client. Here the health issue is preventing pregnancy and STD. Obviously, condom is best, but for business reason a sex worker may wish to offer vaginal sex sans condom. Here selecting the client is important: it should be someone you know from before and consider very, very low risk of STD and a responsible type and  relatively affluent because you want to make him pay for his thoughtless pleasure and if he gets you pregnant or infected, he has to be later accountable for it. Also get a business card ahead of time so you can contact the client if you get sick or pregnant.
   Contraception. I do not advise birth control pill or other hormone or an IUD because of the side effects. A smart sex worker who is not a slave to timing in her sex work will make use of Physician's Notebooks knowledge of days in the month she cannot get pregnant and relative risks and also back it up with good use of the condom she applies to the client and to a 24-hour honey cup diaphragm method that you will find by clicking 1. (28-30) Kimi Learns a Useful Method and Gets a ...

Preventive care. Find a good gynecologist - ideally in University-HMO and get initially a baseline blood testing for HIV, syphilis, and all the hepatitis and herpes antibodies. Also a vaginal-pelvic exam pap smear, with ultrasound. Become versed in doing basal body temperature to detect ovulation and early pregnancy. Then, if you are in the sex-work business more than a few a month and busy enough to justify it, get a monthly STD exam with cultures of vagina/rectum and throat, and requisite blood test.
   And do not sell yourself cheaply. But also give good goods for the high price. It means beyond the good sex, try to be a good companion to all the lonely and sometimes sad young or old men.
   And do seminar on the next chapter on Gynecology self exam.

End Note: A good hotel example in Tokyo I observed is the Tokyo Dome Hotel near Suidobashi station. A working girl should work the Artists Cafe on the 43rd, top floor. It closes 11:30 PM so you get up there 10 PM, and go inside and buy a soft drink near the elevators. The area of the elevators opens into a vestibule that, unless someone is waiting there, cannot be seen from inside the cafe. So you sit and first you may get picked up and propositioned as a single girl but, if not, at 10:30 PM, start being alert for a male guest alone leaving for the elevators. Follow him and immediately make your self open to a friendly proposition alone with him in the lift. It could be an appointment for later, or immediate in his room. Be prepared to quote your price, but again, not in the context of fee for service. Also be well dressed and not over obvious and do not work the same spot every night. Hotel employees understand the business and will usually tolerate a good-looking, not over-obvious, quiet sex worker. Also it is ideal for a group of like-minded upper high school or college girls for part time money or as they say in Japan arbeit.

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