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8.36 Conceiving a Boy or Girl? Choice?

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36. Boy or Girl? - Update 08 April 2018

If you choose abortion and you have access to pre-15-week from Last Menstrual Period fetal sex information, what’s to stop you from abortion to prevent getting a boy or girl? Answer is: Nothing but your attitude. 
   Fetal sex discovery for selecting the gender of your newborn is not difficult. First be prepared in mind before you get pregnant, with an answer to the question “Do I not want to experience pregnancy with birth of a newborn of a particular gender?” If your answer is “I do not”, then, ASAP (Fetal sex diagnosis before 12 weeks makes abortion easier) arrange blood sample ( or ultrasound fetal sex tests and if these are not definitive, get chorionic villus (before 14 weeks) or amniocentesis (15 weeks) sampling to identify the chromosomes (xx=girl, xy=boy) in the embryo. With that information, you may then seek abortion of the unwanted fetal sex.

Fetal sex discovery by the pregnant person is in many places strongly disapproved of and especially for the purpose to have abortion. Therefore tests for fetal sex may be under pressure not to reveal the result, the fetal gender, to the person whose fetus's gender is being tested for, unless connected with a gender-related prenatal malformation or serious abnormality (eg, hemophilia, which is almost always illness of male newborn).

Ideally, a woman at risk to be pregnant should have her plan to get the information. In getting it, she should not state its purpose. Also she may ask a cooperative physician to get the information for her. Source of where one may go to get the fetal sex test can be Internet research under heading of "chorionic villus sampling", "fetal gender or sex determination", or "prenatal diagnosis"; or a trusted medical adviser. If not able to get it done by 12 weeks LMP, try Koala Labs, John D. Stephens M.D. Consultant Sonologist (Ultrasound specialist) & Associates; 220 California Ave, Ste 106, Palo Alto CA 94306 and at website www.koalalabs.comemail
 Dr. Stephens has US Patent 4986274 that he claims gives accurate ultrasound diagnosis of fetal gender by 12 weeks.
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