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2.11b Folic Acid - Why I take a Mega Dose

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2.11b: Folic Acid or Folate (Update 31 October)
Folic goes with foliage; it comes from leafy vegetable. It is destroyed by canning, degraded by cooking. Drinking alcohol harms folate's absorption from intestine. In U.S.A., folic acid supplement is added to flour, rice, pasta, cornmeal, bread and other cereal grains as 140 microgram per 100 gram of food product. This is to protect pregnant women from having babies with defects.
Connection with vitamin B12: Taking folate and not having enough B12 may provoke or worsen brain or spinal cord dysfunction caused by B12 deficiency while at same time making its diagnosis difficult. So if you take folate pills or B12 for either of the deficiencies, take both at same time. And if you are planning to take folic acid or B12 supplement, be sure your doctor checks both your vitamin B12 and folate blood tests. Folate or B12 deficiencies cause separate types of anemia; both types show large-size red blood cells and treatment requires high doses of both vitamins in both types
   Folate plays an important role in pregnancy and in fetal development. Its deficiency, especially when caused by the folic acid-antagonist Methotrexate (used in cancer treatments), causes abortion. Adequate intake of folate from just before and at start of pregnancy is a must in preventing neural defect fetal malformation.
   Strong sunlight leads to 50% loss of folate in the blood after 1 hour, explaining the low folate in light-skin person exposed long-term to strong sunlight or tanning ray UV. It explains the high rate of neural defect malformation of infants born in areas (Like Australia and New Zealand) of high sunlight UV exposure and also it should serve as warning against sun-worship and use of tanning salon.
   The internet website gives the latest folate daily dose for pregnant or possibly pregnant person to prevent neural tube defect in newborn. 
Coronary Artery Heart Disease: Folate is an important co-factor enzyme for inter-conversion of the sulfur amino acids methionine and cysteine, and its deficiency causes high blood homocysteine. Not infrequently in apparently normal persons one finds hyper-homocysteinemia, which may worsen coronary heart disease.
Folate and the aging male  At age 76, I developed a folate deficiency from drinking daily wine over several years. Blood tests showed it was combined with borderline vitamin B12 deficiency. My red blood cells were too large and the RBC percentage in blood became too low - a macrocytic anemia. I started taking 10 mg folic acid with meals along with 500 microgram vitamin B12. My anemia went away and as a good side affect I noted my blood Testosterone, which was too low then, even for my old age, increased five-fold and my sexual penis erections improved. Considering the other good effects of taking the folic acid pills, its harmlessness and its cheap price, I advise it for the aging person even without obvious deficiency. Very high blood test levels (5x to 10x normal) in myself have shown no bad effect after years.
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