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2.4 Drink Water but Watch Out for Pb-Lead

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2.4: Drink Water  Update 26 Aug. 2018
Blood plasma is fluid of blood in natural state. An adult body has 5 liters (L) blood (1 L is c.1 quart in fluid volume) which consists of 3 L plasma and 2 L blood cells. The plasma is the water with dissolved substances in the whole blood. The concentration of the substances in plasma will change by diluting as result of drinking; you temporarily up the blood plasma volume and lower the concentrations of the chemicals in blood and tissue by drinking extra water.
Now,  focus on blood plasma LDL-cholesterol concentration. The lower the LDL-cholesterol concentration in blood plasma the less the risk you’ll get ill and die badly, too soon. If we took 2 groups and allowed one to drink water as they please but had the other drink 2 times that water each 24 hrs; then, based on data we already know, after 50 years the group that are the high-water drinkers, because their extra drinking reduces average LDL-cholesterol, would have less artery disease and less illness and death from it than the group that drank water as they pleased. From another aspect, if one drinks extra 1 to 2 liters water, one slightly decreases the clotting ability of blood in the hours afterward. Although it is not enough to cause bleeding, it reduces the probability of blood clot or fatty or calcium narrowing in coronary or cerebral artery and lowers risk of dying of heart attack or stroke. To benefit, it needs high-water intake. I have taken extra 1 to 2 liters water a day for 20+ years. A related effect of high-water intake is to flush out toxins. Another benefit is to stimulate bowel movement.
For alcohol addicts, prevent damage of alcohol by taking water to dilute the alcohol and to flush it out: A glass of water for every drink will prevent drunkenness at moderate alcohol intake; and it will protect a drinker from liver cirrhosis, cancer, and from ulcer in GI tract.
Our water is polluted. In US cities the worst pollution is Pb-lead from industrial and the old lead pipes. So for safest drinking collect drinking water from tap after running it cold 30+ seconds and then filter it through charcoal. Activated charcoal is useful for cleaning drinking water. To clean your water of toxic metals you can use 50 grams charcoal (10 heaping teaspoons) to 1 liter water. If you have a filter coffee machine, it is a rapid and convenient way to get cleanest water; if not, use a 1 or more liter carafe, dump the charcoal into it, add the water to stand for 24 hours, tip off any floating powder and then use the water for drinking. The same charcoal may be used for up to 5 times. (Note, in USA the popular Brita filter uses activated charcoal in its disposable filter insert) An investment in a water-purify system for hot and cold in offices is good for your employees' long lives as well as your own. I make it routine to drink my fluid (as water, tea, coffee, homemade soups) from my company's purified office water. 

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