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8.13 Sex and An Aging Male - This 80 y/o Doc

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13. Sex and the Aging Male: Update 30 December 2018
I write about what I know, so Sex and the Aging Male is me now at 86. During my age 70s lust was lessening and erection becoming weaker. Until age 86 the ability to ejaculate and orgasm remains unchanged even without full erection. I am healthy, widowed and I do not have a partner. As a test by masturbation I find I can orgasm up to 2 times a day. Were I to perform with a partner I would make more use of oral sex to make up for my lack of a good erection. Also I fantasy more kinky masturbation. I guess an older man has more tendency to kinky sex because, compared to younger self, he needs stronger stimulation for an equal amount of arousal. Practically this could mean more dangerous sex but operating to neutralize that is less lust.
   What limits the older man’s sexuality are low blood testosterone and the small artery rigidity and narrowing. These weaken erection, and the low testosterone also weakens lust. I am not unhappy with this. (But low testosteron can be remedied by 250mg every other week testosteron shot)
   I do not favor Viagra. (See my experience and advice on use in chapters on erection) It is not smart to take a potent artery relaxant that risks brain stroke or myocardial infarction. Most importantly  an enthusiastic, attractive younger  sex partner could work wonders on an 86-year-old man and not require Viagra.
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