Monday, October 11, 2010

How To Be a Genius with Physician's Notebooks

 How To Be a Genius with Physician's Notebooks
Up-Edited: 06 Jan. 2019                                                                      Because Notebooks is a blog, its sections constantly are being updated so it ought not be out of print. One way to start reading it is to look for a section that interests you. For example, if you like something brief but important to you, click  9.34 The Edge - Secret of Stopping Habits; if you want to spend time to become a math genius, click 2.6e Numbers for Healthy Longevity; if you are considering going to medical or nursing school, click X. A Book for Young Physicians and Nurses and also... ; if you wish to read advice for living long, click 10.20 How to Avoid Being Murdered - Advice that . And so on.
   And you don't need read all at once. You are Sir Boss; it is your pleasure; you pay nothing and no one will test you.
   Because it is a blog, the information improves daily. With a book, you read once or twice and that's It for You.  But with Notebooks you come back to the reading at your pleasure; not only to firm up what you already learned but to get the new things that were added. With important information, re-reading improves your understanding and your memory of what you read.
   To make the most of Notebooks, you should do one leisurely reading from beginning to end, serially - Say a chapter each morning? - over your snack, tea or coffee. And also refer to relevant chapters before a decision or even hold a chapter seminar with friends or family.
   And keep in mind,You are the lucky one! Notebooks is for you. By good luck or good friend you have been put in touch with a key to a happy, successful, long-lived future. Don't lose the opportunity!
   Read Notebooks a little each day and you will get success in life. Nothing to lose; try it and enthuse.
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