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7.16 Incontinence of Urine

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16. Problems of Urination in Women & Men - Update 24 December 2018
Cystitis in Women
Urinating frequently with pain or blood in women is cystitis, from infection, trauma, chemical, or immune reaction. A common cold or the flu suggests virus cause. Acute cystitis does well and may be gone by 24 hours. Cystitis that follows sex within a few hours (Honeymoon cystitis) gets better quickly. Cystitis due to irritation is from bubble bath, shampoo, soap, contraceptive in vaginal douche. It may be frightening and irritating but is not harmful.
   Sexually transmitted disease (STD) fear may cause sufferer to visit the urologist. First question when cystitis strikes a woman should be “When did I last have sex?” STD cystitis starts a day or two after the sex contact, and has colored discharge.
   If your cystitis has an STD risk factor, get to infectious disease University-HMO. If Dipstick test on morning urine is negative for bacteria and WBC, then re---lax, but avoid sex contact until symptom is gone.
Involuntary Wetting in Woman
is mostly stress urinary incontinence (SUI), an embarrassing loss of urine on coughing, sneezing or straining or lifting, caused by weak vaginal muscle support to the urethra after childbirth-stretch or surgical damage or aging.
   First give non-surgical treatment a try. Contracting the anus/vaginal sphincter muscle as exercise is preventive and therapeutic and should be done by a woman even before noting the SUI. The exercise is what you do when you tighten anus to prevent a Bowel Movement (“Keeping a tight asshole,”). When a woman tightens her anus she automatically tightens her vagina. (Try it during sex around a hard penis – your partner will appreciate the exercise) Fifty times at an exercise, and 10 exercises a day while doing daily activity may keep the SUI away. Add to this, the frequent sudden stopping of the urine stream for the purpose of strengthening control.
   For those who have allowed the SUI to progress, a well done surgery can solve the problem. But be careful! The SUI surgery needs a surgeon's experience for success, and it must be preceded by a careful SUI checkup. It is best done by world-class urology-gynecology team that specializes in SUI surgery at top University-HMO.

In Men
In men, involuntary wetting is mostly the drippy pippy type of older guys. It is a side effect of the aging prostate gland from Benign Prostate Hypertrophy. I have it. If you allow your bladder to fill up, you begin a slow leak and your pants become moist. Before considering medical or surgical treatment, I started emptying my bladder as soon as I felt first urge, using my fist abdominal pressure while sitting on a WC commode to express all the urine from bladder. And I have got along very well without surgery treatment. Of course, grossly obvious incontinence needs treatment. It is usually a neurological effect.
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